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Dinner at Cotto, K Road

What do four foodies with a love for pasta and wine do before a Jay Rayner talk on a Friday night? Head to Cotto on Auckland’s K Road for a feast, of course!

Cotto K Road,

Above, top: L: Brussel sprouts mint puy lentils vincotto. R: Tortellini which wasn’t available on the menu, the waitress told us about it. Bottom: L: Risotto smoked gem fish leek safforn verjuice. R: Pork belly pumpkin soar.

That intro sounds like a great TV show, in fact it was my Friday night – how lucky am I.
An evening with four foodies is great even at the dullest of restaurants, but that was not this night, chuck in a pasta pop up (always a good idea) and an excellent writer/review and you have one of my favourite nights out this year!

Located inside Bar 69, Cotto, dubbed a “Pasta Pop Up”, definitely does more than just pasta, they’re sides were exquisite; read = get the brussel sprouts, especially if you think you hate brussel sprouts.


The four of us shared several plates from Cotto’s menu each having their own unique taste, texture and richness. We tried:

  • A tortellini which wasn’t available on the menu, the waitress told us about it
  • Risotto smoked gem fish leek safforn verjuice
  • Pork belly pumpkin soar
  • Brussel sprouts mint puy lentils vincotto *
  • Dumplings spinach goats cheese age *
  • Gnocci kumara gorgonzola walnut watercress *
  • Maltagliati rocket beef ragu

* These were my favourites from the evening.

Above: Maltagliati rocket beef ragu with the Risotto smoked gem fish leek safforn verjuice in the background

We all left with incredibly full bellies, ready for an evening with Jay Rayner who was over for the Auckland Writer’s Festival. His talk, which supports his latest book The Ten (Food) Commandmentswas so funny. Full of truth bombs and I’m excited to get a copy of the book to hear more from him.

Here is my instagram story from the night:

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Thanks Cotto for the food, Bri, Michelle + Genie for the great company, and Jay for the laughs.

Cotto K Road, photo via Viva

Photo via Viva

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