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Lite Tropical Cocktail

I’m always down for anything tropical. Tropical flavoured juice, tropical takes on recipes, the list goes on. So when Barker’s of Geraldine released two new and unique fruit flavour blends to its fruit syrups range, with one of them being Tropical I jumped at the chance to use the syrup in a cocktail.  Both of… Read More Lite Tropical Cocktail


Green Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are still one of my favourite types of breakfast. I’m not a big one for cereal or hot cooked breakfasts, I would much rather skip it and go straight to lunch or brunch, in saying that, smoothies are an eye opener for me at breakfast time. They also make great afternoon snacks if you… Read More Green Smoothie Recipe


Easy Iced Coffee

There is nothing like a cold drink on a warm day. I was desperately craving something cold (and not fizzy) after being out in the sun the other weekend so I decided to whip up something fast and refreshing. Enter: Iced Coffee I always try to have some instant coffee in the house, you never… Read More Easy Iced Coffee


Easy Green Smoothie

As of late I’ve really fallen in love with smoothies, especially for breakfast.  They’re so simple to make, not to mention quick. I can whip up this bad boy in under five minutes, with essentially no clean up as well. Win win! After seeing Christel and Camille’s smoothie recipes on Makeupper, and losing out on… Read More Easy Green Smoothie